STU Jazz - Fast Forward (2009/2010)
Recorded in Nov.2010 over a weekend and on location at STU, this was the most complex recording session to date. We did 24 channels live, with overdubbed solos done in the studio. The final project used over 40 tracks.

Nick's Dixies - S/T (2008/2009)
Recorded in late 2008 in the studio over a weekend. This was a live recording, with editing done later on. We used 12 tracks.

Vetch - Osiris (2007)
Recorded in the studio. This was a shared project between 2 different studios and locations. The rhythm tracks (drums, bass, some guitar) were recorded at GMLG.

283 - Untitled (2004)
Recorded in 2004, this was only released in 2009. This was a 3-piece band, and we used about 12 tracks.

283 - S/T (2002)
Recorded in 2002.

Nick DeVries Jazz Quartet - Live ast Mem Hall
Recorded in 2002. This was a live recording done on an analog Tascam 8-track.

283 - Grand Unified Theory (1999)
Recorded in 1999 on an analog Tascam 8-track.


Vetch - Live at the Taproom (2006)

283 - S/T (2002)

The Thomists - 90 & 0 (2001)