GMLG Studios is a multimedia studio, specializing in audio recording / mixing / mastering. Started sometime around 1993 by Andrew DeMerchant / Buddy Pepper, GMLG Studios has recorded various projects ranging in size from soloists to large 20 piece big bands.

GMLG has also handled the graphic design of several projects as well as web design and html programming.

Over the years, GMLG, which first started out as a Tascam Cassette 8-track machine and a 16 channel mixer, has grown to a 24-track digital studio which can either go mobile to record on site, or record in GMLG Studios.

We work with projects that we have an interest in. Andrew is a musician with almost 20 years of experience, and chooses to work with projects that he can identify with. This musical experience is a huge asset to the mixing and producing of GMLG's recordings.

On webpage design, Andrew has years of experience. We've been building webpages since the very early days of the web. A lot has changed since then, and we stay on top of those changes. Andrew has experience in making both dynamic and static websites, using straight HTML / CSS or ASP / Javascript. He has extensive database experience, which has proved useful for complicated dynamic sites.